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Brand Planning

Brand Name Ideas - Doamina names

Choosing the right brand name for any venture is a really important decision and these days there are lots of things that need to be considered when deciding upon a name.

Picking a name that will work well across all digital channels is one thing and finding a name that has instant memorability is something else that can be a real plus. Ultimately whatever brand you choose you will require a good domain name to go with it!

Your primary brand name is likely to be the best promotional tool you own. It will become part of everything you do both online and offline so getting this choice right is vital.

What makes a good domain name is something that is somewhat subjective but good brands in digital terms tend to either be strong memorable keyword rich phrases that give a clear indication of what the product/ service on offer is - i.e. Alternatively they are punchy terms that have something about them that indicates that with the right push they could easily become a well-known brand - e.g., and

One of the difficulties when choosing domain names with a view to building them into a strong brand is that many of the good names have gone. Also there are lots of things that need to be considered from a branding and development perspective such as suffix usage, SEO potential and competitor activity. Finding premium names that have good potential nowadays tends to involve looking at the secondary domain market.

Acquiring names from the secondary market is more expensive than buying free to register names off the shelf. However good domains are extremely powerful tools and spending money on getting a strong name at the outset could save you a lot of time and money on marketing activity in the long-run.

However before making purchases it is might be advisable to seek specialist input to ensure that all the key considerations that need thinking about have been addressed. For example if you don't have a large marketing budget it's probably not a good idea to launch a new brand using an extremely unusual and hard to remember term. Whilst unusual names can make great brands, they generally require substantial marketing investment to raise awareness and therefore it is often better to opt for something with more memorability.

On this site we list a selection of domains from the secondary market that are for sale. We think these names all have good development potential and could be built into strong brands. Our featured names section on the homepage showcases a selection of names that we consider to be some of the best we have on offer from a future branding perspective

In addition to listing names for sale we provide services to help you source and secure really good names to suit your business. Read more about our services here.