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Brand Name Ideas - Doamina names

In addition to listing names for sale we provide services to help you source and secure really good names to suit your business.

We provide a full range of services related to brand planning and domain acquisition including:-

  • - Domain name consultancy
  • - Brand name ideas & domain name planning
  • - Name research and competitor analysis
  • - Domain SEO research and analysis
  • - Domain sourcing & sales negotiation
  • - Domain name portfolio collection
  • - Brand planning

Alongside various other considerations there are many things relating to domains and SEO that need to be taken into account when brand planning for the digital marketplace. Our experience enables us to help you come up with great domain name choices for your business whilst considering all the important elements that might otherwise be overlooked.

We can help you to come up with strong brand name ideas and we can identify digital / SEO issues and help you overcome any barriers that could be potentially be problematic with name choices.

As an addition to our brand planning service we can also help you to actually source and acquire domain names. We have an extensive list of contacts within the domain industry including many of the biggest and most prestigious domain portfolio owners in the UK and USA. Once we have come up with a list of brand (domain) name ideas that might work for you and you have decided on budget and some examples of domains that you might like to acquire, then we can help you to find people selling suitable names. We can also try to negotiate an agreeable sales price on your behalf. More often than not we focus on the and .com suffixes as under most circumstances we think these are the best suffix choices for UK businesses. Whether the or .com or both should be used is dependent on the business activity and objectives as is the need to secure other suffixes and/or variants. These are the type of things that can be discussed during our domain consultation process.

To find out more about our domain services please fill in our enquiry form. For more detailed information on our full range of digital marketing and SEO services please visit our sister site Digital Planners.